About us:

We wanted to create the newest and best way to get the lowest guaranteed fares for flying worldwide. While the industry has become extremely competitive, there are still a number of sites where users are required to check through many online listings and compare multiple dates before they are able to find a discount on their flight. We wanted to expedite this process and make finding discount flights easier than ever before.

The problem with many of the top websites which are dedicated to this type of service is that they involve the use of a flight concierge and they also generally focus on international flights for first-class only. Our company focuses on domestic flights which can suit almost any budget. By appealing to this marketplace we remain focused in delivering solutions which can benefit people in any marketplace.

Our company works as airline consolidators and this doesn't necessarily mean that we buy flights in bulk but we are able to do the work to find heavily discounted tickets which we can then resell for a small margin. We work exclusively with many domestic airlines to pick up fare buckets as well as distress seats which we can use to give our customers a discount of as much as 20% even on the average discount flight merchant. These are discounts of the average consumer simply does not have access to even from the top flight aggregate website or travel site.

In order to get access to our discounts our company involves some quick paperwork. You outline the areas that you would like to travel to, some quick personal information and we can provide you with a quote by e-mail detailing the best flight options we can offer you. While you may not be able to pick your exact flight, or have some of the same options you might have on a cheap flight self serve website, our service brings you the lowest fares available guaranteed!

If you would like to learn more about EZ air and our services, contact us today.