Can tickets be canceled or refunded?

If we are able to change your ticket to a different airline we could potentially exchange your ticket for a later date. We don't currently offer any type of refunds and on some types of tickets we will not be able to make an exchange due to a one time price.

Do you have a guarantee on the tickets?

Our guarantee on the price of the tickets will be for the day of the flight, we will not be able to guarantee that the flight will take off on time or any of the specific guarantees which are included with the airline. We can source flights at a particular time but you may not be able to pick your seat or the exact flight in order to get the cheapest rates. Our guarantee is are for the day of the flight and the validity of the tickets.

What if a flight is missed?

If you have missed your flight we will not be responsible for any exchanges or partial refunds even if you have travel insurance for said refunds. Any type of missed flight will be subject to the regulation of the operating airline only, we only handle initial ticket sales.

What if there is a schedule change?

We offer guarantees to find you a flight on the date you want to leave. If there is a schedule change based off of your airline we will not be held responsible. In many cases we are able to update our passengers regarding changes in schedules but it is the responsibility of the customer to check on the status of their flight before it leaving for the airport or vacation.

 When are your agents available?

Our staff keep regular office hours but we are available for inquiries 24 hours a day. In most cases inquiries can take us several hours apart from our regular business hours but we retain quality response times during the local eastern standard  time of 9-5 Monday to Thursday and Friday 9-3 pm. Many of our agents are available by e-mail on evenings and weekends but we cannot offer the same level of response time during these off-hours.

How are you able to get these unpublished fares?

Unpublished fares are the types of fares that you will not be able to receive through an online portal or through a travel agent. Our company is able to get these savings with the business partnerships we have made over the years. We work directly with travel agents, airlines and travel partnerships to find distressed seats, fare buckets and other discounts that you will never find published online. It is through our business licenses and our expertise that we are able to get access to these unpublished fares to grant our customers extended discounts.

Can you book a last-minute?

We offer the chance to book last-minute within 24 hour notice of a trip. We don't require any type of extra fee as a result of booking last-minute either.