Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of our customers remains one of our top priorities at EZ Air Travel. Throughout this privacy policy we will detail some of the basic information that we collect as well as how this information will be used. All references to the name EZ Air Travel will regard our website, our service and our customer service representatives.

Please keep in mind our website does regularly display ads for other third-party websites which are not directly controlled by EZ Air Travel. Our privacy policy does not affect any of these third-party website advertisements or any of the third-party links which are used through our website. We strongly encourage you to review these privacy policies as well as the policies of third-party website so that you can understand how these various websites will use, share and collect this information.

Your acceptance of privacy policy and its revisions:

We reserve the right to modify, change or add and remove portions of our policy based off of customer feedback as well as the feedback generated by our customer service representatives. We strongly urge you to regularly review this privacy policy to see how we are continuously protecting your information and how we are using future information to improve your enjoyment of the service.

Collecting your info:

EZ Air Travel may directly collect identifiable information which you submit to us voluntarily so that we can discover flights based on your criteria. Some of the basic information that we may collect from you might include a telephone number, credit card number, name address and more.

EZ Air Travel may also collect a variety of generic information that can include your IP address, browser type that you use to access our website, your general access times for the site, the geographical location for which you are accessing the site from as well as some of the referring addresses to our website.

How we use your information:

After collecting information we may continue to use this info in combination to provide a number of quality services for your needs. Your information may be used to:

Contact you with new flight information

Contact you with customer service inquiries based off of your requirements.

To provide statistics to our marketing team and for general use of the site.

To improve the level of customized content as well as advertising within the site.

To provide you with updates on our affiliates and new offerings.

To contact you as survey information based off of your opinion of our customer service department and service as a whole.

To provide you with updates on our terms of use and privacy policy where applicable.


Our liability:

EZ Air Travel is not directly liable for any type of loss, injury, missed flight, missing passport, missing luggage or any other type of delays, cancellation or over bookings. In many cases a failure, accident or cancellation comes at the fault of the airline. Our guarantees are only limited to the purchase of the airline ticket on the day you inquire about.

It's our goal to work with travel suppliers to make arrangements that will meet your needs as a traveler. We act as an independent third-party and as such we want our customers to be aware that we are paid commissions, incentives and more for reaching various sales targets. The relationships that we forge with these suppliers allow us to continuously deliver discount offers to our customers. As such we are not able to offer complete trip customization, the request of flying with your favorite airline or a guarantee that you will get seat options for your airline of choice.

The transfer of data:

EZ Air Travel will be required to complete transfer or data sharing when required by law. This generally means that if work wired we will pass along identifiable information in the event of a criminal case were to protect the safety of other users pm EZ Air Travel. Your personal information will not be directly sold to any other third-party for the sake of advertising or marketing purposes however.

If EZ Air Travel is ever purchased in a merger or stock purchase, our assets including your identifiable information as a customer may be transferred to the purchasing party.