Our services:


Our services are designed to help you source tickets for business travel, leisure, family vacations and more. EZ Air Travel makes it easy for you to source flights at rates which are guaranteed 20% cheaper than other offerings.

Whether you are looking for an excellent value for your business or you simply want to cut down on the price of your vacation, our service can be an alternative to booking with online discount airlines or a travel agent.

We believe in delivering an easy service that you can use through email to get copperheads of quotes on your destination of choice and with airlines that you may not have even considered.

By using our services you can get access to some of the cheapest domestic flights in the United States. Rather than having to do all of the research yourself you can simply fill in a form including your dates, destination, the number of passengers that need to fly and some basic contact information. From there one of our travel experts will do the research for you looking for distressed fares, discounts from new airlines and using our industry contacts to deliver the best possible travel special. We can e-mail or call you with several options and you can pick the best one.

From there you pay EZair directly and have your tickets available online from the airline. These are the same tickets that you might pick up at your local airline only at rates which are considerably cheaper than you would ever purchase them online or through a travel agent!

Our customer representatives are available 24 hours a day and we try to respond as quickly as possible especially for trips you need to plan in a rush! We are extremely focused in delivering you the best prices on flights.