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Welcome to EZ Air Travel on our website it is our goal to continue assisting clients in finding the cheapest possible flights available from domestic discount airlines. We assist clients by using their information to acquire services and flights at discounted rates. Our service covers only the arrangement of tickets and we will not be held directly responsible for any type of losses, cancellations, missed flights, rescheduled flights and more.

By using our service and submitting data to our company any customer or visitor is subject to our terms of use and conditions for accessing EZ Air Travel. If you do not agree to our terms of use or privacy policy we would ask that you do not access our website in the future. Also be sure to regularly return to both our privacy policy and our terms of condition to check back for any changes that can be made without notice. The most current version of our terms and conditions can be modified at any time without prior notice and through continued access to the website you offer acceptance to be modified or updated version of the terms.

We ask that individuals only above the age of 18 submit booking requests through our website. By accepting a fare through our website you accept the total price as it has been quoted including all applicable fees, surcharges, taxes and more. You also agreed to pay with valid credit or payment information that is in your own possession. Any fraudulent payment methods will be immediately reported to the authorities. By accepting the charges for ticket prices you agree to not reject, dispute, decline or challenge the credit card purchase from our website. You also agree that you understand our refund and exchange policy when making the ticket purchase.

Keep in mind that we may only be able to offer exchange on certain tickets. We do not guarantee any type of refund on your purchase and we only offer exchanges with applicable airlines. For exchanges we also ask that you give us at least 72 hours notice on making the change of your flight details.

The total price is that we list on tickets are a price per person. If you need to add a passenger or include a fair cost for child, prices are subject to change and additional fees could be charged based off of the air carrier including upgrade fees, baggage fees and more. These extenuating fees are between you and the airline based off of your needs on departure. We will require a guarantee of finding you the lowest rate base price on your flight for the day and destination of your travel. We will not be held liable for any extra fees that the airline may charge you with regards to your luggage, extended legroom, meals, pre-booking seats and more.

By making a purchase through our  website you are agreeing that we can send you Etickets for your air travel. We do not especially mail tickets to our clients and E tickets can be used just like any other airfare ticket.

Tickets sold by us are subject to a number of itinerary changes, price changes and supplier roles which are associated with each individual airline we deal with. We will not make requests to put you on certain airlines for frequent flyer miles or rewards. The eligibility for upgrades as well as schedule changes, itinerary changes, baggage fees, cancellation fees and more are also subject to change and under the responsibility of the traveler and airline to work out. Any air carrier has the right to adjust their schedule, fees and flight times and we cannot control the circumstances.

 All of our website content, services and our products are provided as a service in an “as available” format. We do not offer disclaimers for the course of performance, for partial refunds based off of your travel insurance coverage or for 24-hour availability on our customer service representatives.